Klefstad Farm

Märtha Jonsson Teacher in Home Economics*

In 1960 Märtha moved from Skåne up to Klefstad in Östergötland. Thereafter she studied Science of Home Economics in Uppsala 1961-1964. Märtha worked as a domestic adviser and a consumer guide in the late sixties and the seventies. In the eighties Märtha also draughted kitchens. Märtha does see potential in everythin and has restructered and redesigned most of the buildings on the farm. Carefully - so that the old farm buildings could be transformed into modern needs and possibilities.

Birger Jonsson Agronomist (Agricultural Engineer)

Birger studied at Ultuna 1951-1956 and thereafter took over the farm after his father. In the fifties Birger taught agricultural science in Skåne where he 1959 met Märtha. Birger also worked as an accountant and board member for several large Swedish farming organisations. All through his time on Klefstad he always explored new technology and was ahead of his time - such as investing in solar panels and a computer in 1981. Birger passed away in 2017 but left a legacy of ideas.

Both Märtha and Birger worked as full-time farmers from time to time. The production has alternated betwwen dairy cows to beef cattle to piglet production. Since 1986 they run Klefstad restaurant and Bed & Breakfast.

Elina Jonsson

The daughter Elina has taken over the farm and together with Märtha she runs it in the same spirit - although sometimes from a distance as she also works abroad.

*The training for Home Economics teacher was put down in 1977 - but it included home economics, fabrics science, cooking, preserving, baking and garden planning. Through the newly awaked interest in food without artificial addings and a greener lifestyle - this knowledge is becoming increasingly valuable. Read more about the importance of Home Economics Training for the transition from the farmer's society to the industrial society below.

Uppsala Universitet Fackskolan för huslig ekonomi [In Swedish]
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