Klefstad Farm

Klefstad has been a settlement since 1000 AD. In 1469 it was written Klifstadha. The actual farm is originally a village from the 1600s - under the nearby castle Ekenäs.

The Jonsson family lived at Klefstad and Jonas Petter Jonsson bought the farm to be the only owner in 1893. Promptly he carried out radical changes - as building new farm buildings and in 1905 build a new main house. The main house is built on the timber from the old village houses. The left wing from the 1700s was kept intact.

Jonas Petter Jonsson passed away in 1911 - only 45 years old - and then left the farm to his son Fritz - only 18 years old at the time. This meant Fritz did not have the opportunity to continue his studies - but had to run the farm with his mother Alma. In 1929 Fritz married Elsa 1929 and they had Birger in 1930 and Britt in 1932.

With both parents alive and healthy Birger had completely different opportunities and studied at Ultuna where he graduated as an agricultural engineer in 1956. One year later Birger took over the farm and began running a pig production.

Birger also taught agricultural scince in Skåne during the winters. In Skåne he met Märtha whom he married and still live with. Together they have five children.